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We offer a confidence boosting 3-Step Body Sculpting and Wellness Program

We help all women restore their confidence!

Our custom InfraSCULPT™ machine uses Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to empty fat cells, detox the body, and tighten the skin. This lipo laser technology heats up the fat cell and creates a small opening in the cell and empties the fat into the body. InfraSCULPT™ enables you to...Read More

3-Step Sculpting Program

The lymphatic system is responsible for moving cellular waste and debris out of the body, through a network of lymph vessels that carry the harmful components to the bloodstream and from there to the kidneys, lungs and colon, for elimination...Read More 

3-Step Body Sculpting Program

What is the Infrared Sauna Detox? Far infrared light is a wavelength that is emitted through an organic carbon based panel. This wavelength will penetrate into the body and biostimulate your cells together to release toxins from the body
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3-Step Sculpting Program
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Women Of Wellness & our services

Women Of Wellness is excited to introduce to you our InfraSCULPT™ 3 step approach to DETOX, BODY CONTOURING and overall wellness! We care about you, your

goals and your health.

Women Of Wellness
is proud to say

our program boasts:

  NO SURGERY               NO DOWNTIME           

    NON INVASIVE                  RELAXING

Feel amazing and Look amazing with
Women Of Wellness
by Defining
your Body Naturally

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This has been the best thing I did to lose 30 lbs before my wedding day — 100% safe and the most relaxing, healing experience ever!

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Before & After

Take a look at some of our customer’s successful before and after pictures | Results may vary

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Results possible in minimal time
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Results possible in minimal time
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Results possible in minimal time

Allow us to help you reach your goals.

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