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The number of sessions and frequency depend on the desired results. Once you have finished your initial 3-step-sculpt program, you are now eligible for our InfraSCULPT™ Membership Program for wellness maintenance.


After the lipolaser and whole body vibration, the final step in a day’s session for you will be the infrared sauna. Once you are done with your infrared saunausage, you are done for the day at InfraSCULPT™.


The objective of using an infrared sauna is two-fold – to raise the core temperature of the body and to perform detoxification of the body. The toxins in this case are the released fats that have to an extent already been already removed by the earlier WBV usage. After this step, the body would contain toxins to a minimum extent while having discarded almost all that it could possibly could – and this step is thus key to balancing the body-toxins with respect to the normal content of the body.

Further note that the other benefit – namely, raising the core temperature of the body – has also a positive implication on the overall outcome. With this, the body will feel more energetic and fresher. Even though the lipolaser would have lost you fat and thus energy, you will come out rejuvenated, and the infrared sauna session is largely responsible for inducing this positive feeling in your

body and mind.



Our infrared saunas have calming color light therapy, along with Bluetooth speakers. We let you select your own music, which would set your mood the best possible in the infrared sauna session. You may now sit back on a comfortable towel, and relax and enjoy the session. For those of you who have not been in an infrared sauna before, it is much softer in nature compared to other forms of saunas, such as steam saunas, where the heat is a lot harder and less smooth.

What's Next?

In our center, you will be presented with a large alkaline water bottle and a cool lemongrass towel that will be used to towel off your sweat. And once you are done with this, you are done with the day’s session!

Other Steps


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