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...hold onto your fat cells while still achieving that contoured look you want. The fat is then emptied into the body to be metabolized via the lymphatic system and then secreted out through your urine.


InfraSCULPT™ is not only safe, and effective there is absolutely no down time and no pain. Our custom InfraSCULPT™ machines consists of two nanometer (nm) rays. When they are combined they are the most effective way of contouring those unwanted trouble areas on the body in a non-invasive way.


The Lipo Laser Session

The first of the three steps we carry out when a client does a session is the lipo laser. Thus, once you have changed your dress exposing the areas that you want to get treated for, and your before-photos and before-measurements are taken, a technician will guide you to the lipo laser unit for the first step of our 3-step sessions.


Note that, a lot of our clients treat multiple areas of the body in a session. If your abdomen and thighs are getting treated, then you will be asked to flip onto your abdomen, making it possible to place the diode bars on the necessary areas, and the session in such a case will continue for another 15 minute.

Once all the areas have been covered, your lipolaser session for the day is over. The diode bars will be unhooked and opened. The technician will measure you again to record the immediate inch-loss resulting from the session.


What's Next?

The next step is for you to take a session on a whole body vibration machine.

Other Steps




The aim of employing a lipolaser is to remove the fat cells, and perform skin tightening and firming. We at InfraSCULPT™ use light-emitting diode (LED) bars in the process, such that the LED light is focused towards the parts of your body requiring treatment.


A comfortable treatment bed is arranged for, and you would lay on the bed on your back, when the technician will approach you for setting you up before the process starts.

First, the technician will hook the diode bars together, thereby creating focus-areas of appropriate sizes. The hooked diode bars will not be placed onto the areas of your body that you wanted to receive treatment for. These are the areas where you will lose the inches and firm and tighten your skin. Once you have been set up and comfortable, the LED lights will be turned on and the session will begin.

While the session is on, you can still verbally interact with your technician should you want to. The LED lights will emit heat (warmth), making you feel warm and comfortable all over your body. The lights will remain switched on, focusing on your body, for about 15 minutes.

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